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ONE: Design

Many people confuse the concepts of design and decoration, but at MG Solutions, we see a clear difference. While decoration screams to be noticed, design is mission critical and serves to get business messages across. The best designs are so well done that the "design" is not consciously noticed by the audience, such as the layout of a website or signage in a department store. In actuality, the design of these materials is done carefully and thoughtfully to entice and guide the audience into absorbing the information.

TWO: Story

Facts, news and data are available in abundance, so the packaging of this information is critical to getting the target audience's attention. MG Solutions focuses on putting the information into context and delivering it with emotional impact. Like a story, we will bring out our clients' personality, character and experiences to create illuminating, engaging and memorable products.

THREE: Synthesis

The ability to consider relationships not seen before and to articulate the big picture is crucial to becoming a leader in the marketplace. MG Solutions' uses its expertise to recognize patterns, see nuance and find the simplicity that often exists in complex problems. It is about using our whole mind — logic, analysis, synthesis, intuition — to make sense of our topic and to determine what is important and what is not.

FOUR: Empathy

Good designers have the ability to put themselves in the position of the user, the customer, or the audience member. Being mindful of clients' intentions and how audiences will perceive a message allows for great flexibility and creativity and, ultimately, a more on-target message with greater results.

FIVE: Objective

Nothing should be more important then remembering the purpose of the specific piece being designed. MG Solutions works with clients to identify their goals and objectives and then creates pieces to meet these needs. Our team exceeds expectations by showing our clients that we have thought about them, understand their business and appreciate the opportunity to make a difference for their business.